Apart from the obvious wine tourims benefits the Java's main goal is to provide a platform to raise funds for our local community. In 2013 a total of R40 000 and in 2013, R100 000 was raised! Our current beneficiary is the Robertson Preparatory School as well as Ashton Primary School, Robertson Primary School and Rotary. In 2015 we will expand our reach to include the Wakkerstroom & Goudmyn Farm Schools.

It is a mutually beneficial partership as the teachers and parents makes up 80% of the work force at the event, responsible for layout and marking of route, registration, marshalling, manning the food stalls and water points etc.

The Robertson Preparatory School was founded in1981 and has approximately 320 learners between grade R and grade 3. As most schools they are dependent on fundraising to continue the very high standard of teaching offered to learners and the Java is one of 2 major fundraising events they have.

In 2014 we are extending our reach and have partnered with the Ashton Primary School and Robertson Primary School to run the bike shop and assist with the new trail run while the Robertson High School assist with providing camping facilities.

So truely a community effort.

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New 10km trail run through the vineyards.

Entries open 1 July!